Mobile Router Boss Facelift


Referencing the "Mobile Router Boss" thread, I wanted to capture the space under the RB to store miscellaneous jigs, clamps, supplies, etc. So when I completed the "Stickley Style Chest of Drawers", I transported the old chest of drawers to my shop and disassembled. I renovated a portion of those drawers to fit a customized cabinet frame made from plywood. See the attached photo for more detail.

When using the RB, I found it helpful to have wood spacers available for clamping or positioning wood parts securely before routing. Over time the number of spacers increased (and so did the clutter), so to save time I made a box container to hold spacers in an organized manner. The container, located on the back side of the mobile RB unit, is covered with two sheets of duraplex (cut to the same size) that slide in routed tracks. The clear duraplex keeps dust from collecting inside the box and allows me to locate the desired spacer quickly. Pictures attached.

Also, I wanted to share some of the joinery that can be made using the RB. See attached photos of prototype joints using pine or poplar.


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nice job, ray -- i envy your organization skills -- your dovetails are perfect -- i seem to be in a cutting board phase -- haven't done much with the router boss lately -- getting ready to start a table project with 2 drop leafs and raised panel doors so i'll be back on the RB shortly --

3D sft1.jpghoundstooth 1.jpg


Very "catchie" design, Larry! Almost psychedelic!! Goes well with the cabinet color. Good job and thank you for posting.